10” Screen Upgrade Observations

I wanted to share my experience with the 10” screen upgrade on the 2018 Picade. I got stuck because the instructions said there are no screws in the top, and my black surround only had holes on one end. The way the surround works perfectly is to have the thinner side of the left/right sides on the left of the plex, and the thicker side of the top/bottom on the bottom. However, the holes were on the thinner side of the top/bottom. That means I used no screws, but the screen is not obscured on the top, and light leaking through on the bottom.

I’m not sure if my piece should have had all 4 corners with holes, or they were put on the wrong end. It works, and it’s a great upgrade. I just wish it were more secure.

I also installed a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick with a bat top, and it is a direct drop in replacement. It feels much better overall. Thanks to Dasfool for figuring this out.

Hopefully this helps anyone in a similar situation.

Bat Top