Picade 8" screen not working


Hi there, I bought a Picade recently and assembled it all yesterday.

Upon first connecting the Pi the screen was black… I tried a few power cycles and got a white screen… A few more power cycles and checking cables etc and the screen was basically always white.

I decided to unclip and reclip the ribbon cable between the PCB and the screen and the little black clip bar snapped at one side when I undid the screen.

I have since been able to use the clip to reconnect the screen, whilst this is less than ideal it does seem to be tight, it just will not be any good under tension. However, the screen still displays the same problems.

I have hotplug=1 in the config and I even tried connecting my macbook pro and that did not display any picture either.

Before and after the clip broke, tapping or bending the ribbon cable would give me random dark horizontal lines… At one point it looked like I could see the tty ouput on boot as the lines went down the screen like they were in line with the text on boot.

In short, it looks like either the screen or the pcb or the ribbon (and certainly now the clip on the connector) are somehow broken or faulty.

Could you please advise what I need to do next? Am I somehow covered for this? Even though I managed to break the clip, or do I need to buy a new 8 inch screen?

If I have to buy another screen I would probably prefer to buy a 12" screen but it seems those arent in stock.

I am in Sheffield so I could pop down to show you the Picade in its current state if that helps?

This was the PCB connected before I broke the clip https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1qqo42dx8abwbj/ConnectorBefore.jpg?dl=0

This was the white screen https://www.dropbox.com/s/o42rt8c2277vait/WhiteScreen.jpg?dl=0

Hope you can help!


I also have a broken clip. I can only get the screen to work by holding the ribbon cable against the connector with my finger (sometimes). Is there a way to fix this?