Picade and Retroarch hotkeys

I’m having horrendous problems with accessing the RGUI in Retroarch using the Picade inputs.

I need to press “SELECT” and a key combination to activate certain Retroarch features, however the button I’ve assigned to “SELECT” in Emulationstation is not recognised as such my certain Retroarch cores. it works fine within Emulation station and in many other non-Retroarch emulators.

Any advice?

Hi there,

I remember having the same problems. After much try an error I finally configured Load/Save/Increase Save Slot/decrease Save Slot to Select and Joystick up/down/right/left by editing retroarch.cfg accordingly. This configuration is the reason for me to keep retropie 3.8 installed. Whenever I tried a newer version I ran into problems with retroarch keys in lr-mame2003. Right now everythng runs prefect for me, so I´ll stick with 3.8. Never touch a running system …