Picade Board, solder bridge between buttons 4 and 5

On my Picade board (part of Picade Console kit) there is a solder bridge between buttons 4 and 5 (The 6 buttons + earth screw terminals next to the Phones plug).
I suppose it should not be there, since otherwise there is no difference between buttons 4 and 5.
OK to remove the bridge?

Yup, it’s definitely not supposed to be there. If you’ve got an iron handy then remove it! And sorry about that. I must have missed it in testing!

Removed it. Did first tests with the Picade Console and all buttons are working as they should.
By the way which firmware is on the delivered Picade Board? The latest one from github?
I did dump the firmware, but the resulting intel hex file does not match the update.hex file on github.

As far as I know all boards shipped to date have had the older firmware flashed to them. There may be a few that don’t.

Yes, it was the old firmware (no reactions from the volume keys).
Applied the update (using avrdude from the Arduino app under OS X) and the volume keys work.
Also compiled the github sketch using Arduino 1.5.6 under OS X 10.10.4 and the intel hex file is identical to the update.hex file on github.

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That’s good, it should be the same!

The volume keys should have worked ( IE: adjusted the volume ) but if it was early-early software there’s a chance it could have had the bug I missed at first, which basically made the Picade sit there and try to turn the volume up permanently. D’oh. That was a fun one to find!