Picade button issue


I received (many thanks) and built up my Picade today and have an issue I think with the Picade controller board.
The two left side buttons are not being detected. I initially thought there was an problem with the wiring
but have buzzed out the buttons and the interconnecting wires back to the connector and it all checks out.
I can detect the press on the screw tops of the board as expected but no keypress is sent.

Since I wasnt sure what keys they should map to I connected just the board to the pc, but again no
response when pressed. This was the same as I saw trying to set them up in EmulationStation.

I reconnected the wires twice to make sure and the connections look fine, but no response from the Picade board.
All other buttons work as expected.

Anything else I can try?


Ah, having just watched the video I see that I missed that these map to the volume. So I guess not expected to send a key press. My bad.

If you don’t care about volume control, and you’re familiar with the Arduino IDE ( it’s not too complicated ) then you should be able to replace the software on your Picade PCB with a slightly tweaked version that maps the volume buttons to key presses.

When I find the time, I’ll produce a Sketch ( the Arduino lingo for an uncompiled program ) which has this already setup.

This could be useful in certain scenarios… although I’m not sure what those might be!

I did see an example that would remap them in the kickstarter comments here that looked straight forward. I just wasn’t convinced that I haddnt made a mistake during the build. I noted that someone used one as a CTRL to allow modifying another botton press for access to emulator options which sounded. useful. I just need to label them up for my kids otherwise I’ll have support issues :-)

Just came on forum to ask same question! Thanks for working it out for both of us!

The new firmware, if you’ve got the know-how to compile it in the Arduino IDE, has some very clearly labelled instructions for remapping the volume buttons: https://github.com/pimoroni/Picade-Sketch/blob/master/Picade/Picade.ino

We’ll work on a guide to modifying and installing this firmware soon, it’s easier than it looks!

This could be useful in certain scenarios… although I’m not sure what those might be!

This could be useful when emulating a Pinball machine, mapping the buttons left & right to the flippers, giving it an excellent pinball experience :D