Two buttons not working



The kids and I have just finished building our Picade and two of the buttons aren’t being recognised when we boot up Retropie and it runs through it’s controller configuration.
We’ve checked the wiring and it looks fine but we have noticed one difference when using the buttons that aren’t working (two black ones that I’ve fitted on the left-hand side of the cabinet). When pressing the other buttons the white light on the PCB illuminates when the button is pressed AND when it is released. When pressing the two buttons that aren’t being recognised the light ONLY illuminates when the button is released, NOT when it is initially pressed.

Any ideas what the problem is? All and any help much appreciated.



If you haven’t reconfigured anything, those should be the volume buttons. ie, not mappable keyboard buttons.

Start up a game with audio and see if the top one makes it louder and the bottom one makes it quieter.


Thanks xartle.

I’ve downloaded Retropie, created an SD and set hdmi_force_hotplug. Now when I turn on the Picade it boots into Retropie and then runs Emulation Station. ES says:
1 Gamepad detected. Hold a button on your device to configure it. Press F4 to quit at any time.

I don’t have an F4 to press. If I press a button on the Picade the word ‘Keyboard’ appears under the text and if I hold a button down it goes into a list of controls (D-Pad up, Start, Select, A, B, etc) which it then wants me to map to the buttons/joystick on the Picade. However there are more items in the configuration menu than I have controls so I am stuck on the ES configuration screen.

Have I missed a step?

Many thanks,


You should map all of the available buttons, then for the rest just press and hold one of the console buttons (the six next to the joystick) for a couple of seconds and it will skip to the next. Keep doing that until you get through them all, then you’re done!


Brilliant, thank you.I’m now up and running.