Picade button tabs keep breaking

My 'cade has been assembled for a few weeks and the tabs didn’t appear to break during/from assembly. I only find out a tab has broken when I move the 'cade from room to room, I hear something loose inside. When I open the back door, a tab falls out. So far I’ve lost three of them and they are all from the black buttons.

The buttons don’t seem loose or falling out of the case without the lock tab, but I think this might be a trend in the wrong direction.

Anyone else have any issues with the tabs breaking/falling off?

Make that 4. All came from black buttons.

This is a first for me. Do you mean the metal tabs onto which the spade connectors plug are snapping off? Are you bending the tabs at all, since that will weaken them quite severely.

I’ve had the controls of a Picade knocking around my flat for a year or so now, being stuffed in boxes, and pulled out for the odd development stints, and it’s still fine.

Could you post some pictures, any details about what you did during the build, and anything that might help us figure out if this is an isolated issue or more widespread?

Thank you!

Lost two more just pushing the buttons out to get pictures.

It appears that the buttons never actually clip and just stay in the hole by pressure from the tab so the tab stays compressed and eventually snaps. The buttons are definitely fully inserted as there is no additional movement and no gap on the outside.


I can confirm the same thing happening to mine, and happening only to the black buttons. I had to remove a few buttons during assembly while I screwed down the Picade PCB, but those buttons I removed are not the only ones this is happening to. I can confirm that the buttons do not clip in, and there is constant pressure on the clips.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you guys. I was trying to see if we’d come across this before, and figure out what the best solution would be. I don’t want to throw replacement buttons at you until pushing them in wears the cut-outs big enough to not break them ;)

It’s possible the cut tolerances might not have played in your favour, leaving the buttons under just a tiny bit too much stress. And since they don’t actually “clip” in ( because the MDF panels are just too thick ) that doesn’t bode well in the long term.

Anyway, I’ll see what we can do!

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I’ve already purchased new buttons for my Picade.

On a side note, I don’t seem to have this issue with my Picade Console (stock buttons). Either the button manufacturing batch is different or the hole cuts are different… or something else entirely. LOL

What was the resolution to this? On the new kit I just got all of the buttons don’t snap in and the tabs are fully compressed what should I do?

Nothing further. I replaced the buttons on my Picade because every single one of the black buttons broke at least one tab. The coloured buttons seemed fine, although one did break a tab when removing it.

On my Picade Console, all of the buttons survived as expected with the exception of one of the black buttons breaking off a single tab. This was with 100% no usage, just sitting for a few weeks and when I picked it up, I could hear the rattle sound of the tab loose inside. Open the back and shook out the tab.

I must stress that I have not been doing anything with these buttons outside of pushing them when appropriate. There is something wrong with the tolerances of the Picade and the buttons that doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Picade Console, at least to the same extent since one of my Console buttons has done the same thing.

For now, the new buttons seem to be in the exact same compressed position, but they haven’t broken as of todays’ date.

What do you replace them with? I am having a problem with them snapping
off too.

Semitsu and Sanwa 30mm buttons from FocusAttack.

this one https://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-obsf-30mm-pushbuttons-black/ ???

Sorry for the slow response:

And these:

Because these were out of stock at the time

Same problem here. After 2 weeks the tabs of the black buttons started breaking. I’ve already purchased 2 new buttons for replacement but while i’m waiting the delivery 2 more buttons breaks. I attached a photo of the broken tabs.
Is there some sort of warranty applicable? In that case how can I proceed?
Thanks in advance

I have the same problem. All the black buttons break, the other colors are ok.
Contacted the seller and they say no warranty.

I use the buttons in a 3D printed cabinet and all the holes have the same size.