Picade little plastic triangular bits


Recently I heard a sound or something moving around inside my Picade so I opened it up and found some little black triangular pieces of plastic.

Do you know what these would be from or if they are important? I thought I read something about it before and it was something to do with the joystick but I can not find that post.

I have been very careful with my Picade so its strange to see something like this.



Could you snap a photo of them?

Also check the black buttons in the side of your Picade, it could be the retention clips from those.


This is what they look like


Aha, yup! They are, indeed, the retention clips from the black buttons. Sometimes they can’t take the stress of being permanently tensioned inside the cut-outs the buttons fit into and just break off :/

Honestly, if you haven’t had any problems with your black buttons being loose just toss the clips away and carry on. If you do have any problems we will, of course, happily replace them. I’d just apply liberal amounts of glue, though ;)

We’ve been looking at dozens of button types and other things to find a solution, but right now it’s a rare enough occurrence that it’s not at the top of our loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of “stuff wot needs dun.”

(You could also use them as tiny, tiny doorstops)


Ah nothing to worry about then as none of the buttons are loose on my Picade unit.

Will see if my sister wants the doorstops for her dolls house :D