Issue with down on the joystick



Using Retropie and I’m having an issue with down on the joystick. It works ok for a few minutes then seems to get stuck on. It’s not the microswitch as it all buzzes out fine all the way to the Picade board. The light doesn’t blink on the board like it does for any other button press, and if in a game the character moves as far south as it can go and stays there (left and right and all other buttons work fine). Wierd thing is, if I touch the connector on the board with a screwdriver/paperclip it seems to work again for a few minutes before going south again.

Bought a new 2 amp power supply today as I thought it might be that but still the same. All the wiring is sound and checks out. Does this sound like a dodgy board?




It could be a cold solder joint. Do you have a soldering iron? Resolder that connection on the pcb.




Yeah that was my next step. Just wondered if anyone else had simillar issues.


It sounds like you’ve got a faulty board. Give it a touch with an iron if you’ve got one handy, but based on your description of the problem I don’t think it’ll help. You should get in touch with our support guys via email and let them know.


Re-soldered the back of the board and been playing 1943 now for a good hour with no issues :-)

Forgot how much I loved this game as a yoof! Got the top 3 scores now!

It may be a late one tonight. Cheers guys.



Dammit! Spoke too soon, gone again :-(

I’ll contact support.