Joystick Pulling Left

So, getting progress in setting up my Picade. I’d actually be relatively happy at where I am except for one thing. As I use the joystick in a session, it begins to pull to the left. I’ll move it right, and then it starts reading a holding left input until I take the joystick left which resets it. But then, it does it again less than a minute later, up to right after? I’ve done multiple reconfigurations of the joystick to no avail.

Any suggestions other than just getting a Sanwa?

Are you sure there’s nothing shorting out the terminals underneath the joystick?

I suppose there could be. Anything in particular I should be looking for?

Hmm, there’s not much room for wiring to go awry with the new connector so I’m not sure. I’ll ask around since I’m not overly familiar with the new Picade and its quirks yet. (I don’t get nearly as much time to play on one as I’d like, ha!)

Potentially a dodgy switch on the joystick- you should try emailing for a replacement before you go swapping out with a Sanwa- of course you can always do that later anyway!