Picade: Cable doesn't have enough connections

I recently received my Picade kit and I am pleased with the packaging, build quality and the instruction video.

However, I can’t continue building it since the ground cable for the six front/side buttons only has five connectors.


Is there a way to get the correct cable, or am I missing something?

I think that is one of the daisychain ground cables. it looks like one end has become detached from one of the multicoloured connecters.

My advice is to watch the tutorial bit here (link below) to figure where the wire should go. it should simply be a case of putting the exposed end into the correct female spade connector and crimping it with a pair of pliers.


Hope this helps, if not contact Pimoroni, they have fantastic after sales service.



Thanks for your reply. If I understand it correctly, the exposed end goes into the picade PCB, so there is indeed one connector missing. I will contact Pimoroni.

Today I received a full set of replacement cables. The after sales service is indeed great.

Glad it’s sorted for you. I knew Pimoroni would sort it for you, their after sales service is what makes them great people to do business with.