Picade Plasma Button Cable Problems

Greetings! I ordered the 10-button Picade Plasma Button kit. After wiring it all up and running the software, I could only get three buttons to light up properly. After troubleshooting, it appears that two of the long cables included with the kit have one end of the connector on upside down.

It seems I accidentally broke one of the connectors on one of the lights while trying to figure this out.

Is there a way to get two replacement long cables and a replacement light? I’ll pay for the light since I messed it up,


Yes, of course! You should drop an email to support@pimoroni.com and they’ll sort you out. I don’t see why we shouldn’t replace the light too. Also- It’s at least somewhat possible that reversing the connections- if you did manage to successfully make a connection with the reversed wire- could have damaged the LED parts, so you should test what lights you can connect together (with good wires) and ask for replacements for any which have failed.

Can I just add I had 2 faulty led boards & support were excellent in getting then replaced.

things cant be perfect every time and the only true way to judge a company is how they respond when things go wrong, In my experience Pimoroni have this spot on.

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Aww! Thanks for the kind words. We try.

Hi, I have a standard picade cabinet, and want to swap out the buttons for a plasma set, do I need to change the power supply or Hat? Thanks.