Picade Console - how can I test my build is good?

I recently bought a Picade Console and the build looks to be good.

However, when I run RetroPie and configure the buttons, there are a number of the buttons which are not registering (4 on the top) which is a bit frustrating.

Is there a simple python program that I can run on Raspbian which will check the connectivity of each of the buttons to ensure that a) I’ve assembled correctly and b) there’s not a fault in the wiring loom?


I’d suspect that a couple of the spade connectors may have popped off. Occasionally the female connectors on the wiring loom can be a little loose, and a gentle squeeze with a pair of pliers will tighten them up and cause them to grip more securely.

Have a peek inside and check to see that they’re all still connected. If they are, then one simple way to check they’re working is by connecting a keyboard and using it to exit emulationstation to the terminal. The buttons on your Picade should act as regular key presses, so pressing them in the terminal should cause text to appear at the prompt. To get back into emulationstation, just type emulationstation.

Thanks for the swift reply.

All the spade connectors are tight, so I dropped out to the terminal.

Of the top buttons, only 1 of them returns a value when pressed. I also looked at the picode board and for 5 of the top buttons, then light does not come on when they are pressed - for all other buttons the light illuminates. I presume that the light should illuminate for all button presses which would, therefore, indicate that some of them have a problem?

Should I disconnect all wires from the picade board and re-connect them to see if that makes a difference?

OK, spotted what the problem was - I had connected the loom the wrong way round D’oh!

After I disconnected and reconnected the correct way round, all is good :)