Picade dtoverlay parameters override not working

Hello Buccaneers, I’m reinstalling my Picade 10" including Plasma buttons with the Bookworm Os light on a RPI 4b 8Gb. The Picade buttons work fine with the orignal settings defined in the dts file. but when I try to override the original settings using dtparams for the picade dtoverlay in the config.txt file they are not taken into account whatever is the method used:




The sudo dtoverlay picade command generates the error Failed to apply overlay '0_picade' (kernel) and the sudo dtoverlay picade,button6=15 command generates another error Unknown parameter 'NO_AT_BRIDGE'.

But if I directly modify the dts and re generate the dtbo with the make comand it works, meaning that the overlay is loaded. I don’t understand what’s happen. Any help wil be greatly appreciated. :)

I solved the issue. Referring to the Raspberry documentation for the config.txt, the file is now located in /boot/firmware/config.txt. Even if the config.txt still exits in /boot/config it becomes useless. I made my changes in the firmawre folder and everything works fine now.

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