Picade Hat 'forgets' P1 right, in some games

This is an odd one.

I built my own Picade using an old icade case, a rpi 3 and the original picade hat (not the new picade x hat, or the picade pcb).

Installed the drivers and everything works fine.

Except R-Type, R-Type II, and Salamander in lr-mame2003. P1 right doesn’t do anything. All the other directions and fire buttons work fine.

“Aha!”. I thought, “a wiring issue”.

But no, when I hit TAB and remap the controls for lr-mame20003, P1 right works fine.

Until I quit and restart lr-mame2003. When it’s broken again.

Oddly it doesn’t affect other games running under lr-mame2003 (e.g. Robocop)

I thought maybe this was a conflict with the same directions being defined for GUI navigation, so I remapped all those in lr-mame2003 - and P1 right works! Even after a restart!

But then P1 down stopped working!

I’m not sure if this is a picade hat issue, or a software install issue, but I’ve formatted and rewritten the SD card (stock RetroPie 4.4 from their website) three times, and the same thing happens each time.

When I use the lr-mame2003 TAB menu, it actually shows the correct setting for P1 right (resetting it doesn’t change the assignment) but it doesn’t work after a reboot until I reset that control to the exact same thing it’s already set to.

Anyone seen anything like this before?


I’ve tried R-Type & R-Type II on my XHAT system, and they both work fine. I’ve no experience with the older Picade HAT, so can’t help in that respect. I can suggest 2 things to try. First, make sure that you’ve done a system update. Second, try manually updating the lr-mame2003 binary file to the latest build version.