Picade PCB Hanging when audio being used BL led flashing - help/advice

Hi, I’ve been successfully using my new PiCade with a Pi2 for a few days but I’m now experiencing hangups with the Picade pcb, basically this happens: once audio starts (Mame and FBA in Retropie) the BL led flashes on the picade board and the controls hangup until that light stops momentarily, then they work again for a second or two then the flashing happens again. It works perfectly ok in the front end and in the emulators until audio comes on (the audio also works by the way) - If i disable audio from the 3.5mm jack its all fine. (and it has been fine until today). Ive tried removing power completely and pressing the PCB reset button.
Whats the BL led ? Any ideas or advice for me please ?

The BL LED stands for “Boot Loader”. This basically means your Picade board is rebooting.

What power supply are you using with your Pi?

Ah, it could be that Raspberry Pi ‘common’ problem of PSU or micro USB cable quality then. I do have a ‘good’ 2A PSU I’ve always used from ModMyPi but… I’ll try some others and cable too. I only have the 8" screen and the picade board connected to the Pi though… Thanks for such quick help.

Good luck! All of our units have been used with the official Pi power supply ( which is also 2A ). They’ve been… errr… “tested”* thoroughly :D

If your Pi volume is set to 100%, you could reign it in slightly and get away with it on your current PSU. 100% output volume + 100% Picade volume is going to sound pretty crunchy anyway.

*I ran through all the Picade boards, powered off my laptop USB port and tested them at ridiculous volume levels playing classic Prodigy albums from Spotify.

*And played too much Columns…

Yes, spot on thank you. It was a power issue. Its working fine with the PSU and cable from my media centre Pi. I really enjoyed building it by the way and everyone that sees it loves it !

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