Picade with Plasma buttons on Bookworm issues

Hello, I have a Picade 10" with Plasma buttons running Mame through Attract Mode. Initially everything worked perfectly on Pi Os Lite 11 Bullseye. I decided to make a fresh new installation based on PI OS Lite 12 BookWorm. Everything works fine but I have a “small” issue with the Plasma Buttons. First, it was not possible to use the standard automatic installation. Pip cannot be installed anymore with the python command on BookWorm but needs instead the python3 command. Ok, not a big deal. Then, There was an error message “This environment is externally managed”. To solve this issue, I had to remove the file “/usr/lib/python3.*/EXTERNALLY-MANAGED”. It took me some time to identify the issue but it’s now ok. The plasma service can start and the plasma buttons work. but there is one last issue that I didn’t solve. It’s about the FPS. the default pattern which is a rotating rainbow is much more slower on BookWorm than on Bullseye. I would say that it’s only 5 FPS instead of 30. I have the same issue with any other pattern. The consequence is that the changing colors are not smooth. If anyone has solved this issue, I’ll be pleased to read its solution.Thanks for the help Buccaneers. :)

Hello Bucannaneers, I have solved the issue by updating the firmware using the command rpi-update. Thanks anyway for the help. :)