Picade X HAT availability

Hi Guys,

I would love to start a project based on the picade HAT or the all-new picade X HAT, but I can’t find them as HAT-Only versions in your shop anymore. I rember there was a picade HAT for around 15£ but it’s gone…

Will you offer these HAT only versions again sometime? If so, when can I expect it?

Best Regards!

They definitely will be available. We took the old version off sale to avoid confusion with the new one, and we’re just waiting on the next batch of Picades being boxed up to see what remaining stock of HATs, joysticks, and wiring looms we have to sell separately. Hopefully, that’ll happen around the end of next week.

I have broken the Mini USB connector off my HAT, TBH it was quite loose from the beginning and today it just came away from the board completely.
Are there any spares available yet?