Pico Display cannot find PicoGraphics Module

Trying to find PicoGraphics.

Was that the Custom Pimoroni uf2 file?
Releases · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)

Yes, published at pimoroni releases

BTW, this was installed as firmware update.

Try the latest release, it has Pico Graphics in it.

Latest (1.19.6) works well. Many thanks.

Now what do I need to change for old program (Pico Solar System) that uses Pico Display, e.g display.get_width() and display.get_height() does not work anymore. BTW, Pico Display module is not there anymore.
Appreciate some guidance.

Have a look see here.
pimoroni-pico/README.md at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)
And at the new updated examples.
pimoroni-pico/micropython/examples/pico_display at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)