How to import picographics?

where I find the module “picographics”? and how I install that? (e.g. import picographics)
I found that in github GitHub - pimoroni/pimoroni-pico: Libraries and examples to support Pimoroni Pico add-ons in C++ and MicroPython. but I can’t install that in case of this I don’t understand I found in
only c/cpp code what can I do with it? How I get a picographics library?

Thank you

What uf2 file are you using? Picographics is included in Pimoroni’s uf2 file.

I use MicroPython v1.19.1 on 2022-06-18; Raspberry Pi Pico with RP2040
Where I can see what is build in? I mean this was for me not viewable.

Maybe this will help?

This is exact what I found too but what shall I make with a c/cpp and a header file? I’m using python3.1 or is it possible to insert the c/cpp or header file into my python and how? Where I must install this file and/or how can I install it?
Thank you for helping!

Ah, OK, your programing in C. I wasn’t sure that was the case. I’m a little slow some days. Can’t help you there, I have 0 C skills.

What display are you using? Pico Graphics is as far as I know for Micro Python. I think your looking for maybe the ST7789 C Libraries etc.

I program in Phyton3 and the issue is that the picographics on this place what you mentioned is in C/C++. My LCD Display is the LCD 1.14 and the ST7789 inside. But you told me there is the “picographics” include in the Version of the pimoroni-pico.uf2 include but I can not load it. e.g.
from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_LCD_240X135
display = PicoGraphics(display=DISPLAY_LCD_240X135)
make a error.
ImportError: no module named ‘picographics’
I’m using MicroPython v1.19.1 on 2022-06-18; Raspberry Pi Pico with RP2040.

Did you get your uf2 file from here?

I don’t remember and what for a file I should use? Where is the picografic build in? This is for me not viewable.

I don’t know how you see what is backed in, I’ve never been able to figure that out.

What file you use depends on what Pico you have, Pico or Pico W.
Either one of those Pimoroni uf2 files will have Pico Graphics in it, plus what is needed for the Display Pack to work.

I install now the: MicroPython 9dfabcd-dirty on 2022-11-18; Pimoroni Badger2040 2MB with RP2040
MAybe it worked with the graphic - but at the moment I can’t test it in case of I’ve give my display and Omnibus board to my friend and he write now the display “outfit”.
Inside this are the modules:

main breakout_as7262 cmath ubinascii
_badge breakout_bh1745 dht ucollections
_boot breakout_bme280 ds18x20 ucryptolib
_boot_fat breakout_bme68x framebuf uctypes
_clock breakout_bmp280 gc uerrno
_ebook breakout_dotmatrix launchericons uhashlib
_fonts breakout_encoder math uheapq
_help breakout_icp10125 micropython uio
_image breakout_ioexpander neopixel ujson
_info breakout_ltr559 onewire ulab
_launcher breakout_matrix11x7 pimoroni_bus umachine
_list breakout_mics6814 pimoroni_i2c uos
_onewire breakout_msa301 plasma urandom
_qrgen breakout_paa5100 qrcode ure
_rp2 breakout_pmw3901 rp2 uselect
_thread breakout_potentiometer uarray ustruct
_uasyncio breakout_rgbmatrix5x5 uasyncio/init usys
badge_image breakout_rtc uasyncio/core utime
badger2040 breakout_scd41 uasyncio/event uzlib
badger_os breakout_sgp30 uasyncio/funcs witw
badgerpunk breakout_trackball uasyncio/lock
boot builtins uasyncio/stream
Plus any modules on the filesystem
Is the needed module inside I don’t know? I can’t read picographics! maybe it is in the other part.

So I found it out where it is! Please have a look - why they don’t make a list what is inside the packet!?
MicroPython v1.19 on 2022-11-18; Pimoroni Pico LiPo 4MB with RP2040
Type “help()” for more information.

main breakout_pmw3901 neopixel uasyncio/stream
_boot breakout_potentiometer onewire ubinascii
_boot_fat breakout_rgbmatrix5x5 pcf85063a ucollections
_onewire breakout_rtc picoexplorer ucryptolib
_rp2 breakout_scd41 picographics uctypes
_thread breakout_sgp30 picokeypad uerrno
_uasyncio breakout_trackball picoscroll uhashlib
adcfft breakout_vl53l5cx picounicorn uheapq
breakout_as7262 builtins picowireless uio
breakout_bh1745 cmath pimoroni ujson
breakout_bme280 dht pimoroni_bus ulab
breakout_bme68x ds18x20 pimoroni_i2c umachine
breakout_bmp280 encoder plasma uos
breakout_dotmatrix framebuf qrcode urandom
breakout_encoder galactic rp2 ure
breakout_icp10125 gc servo uselect
breakout_ioexpander gfx_pack uarray ustruct
breakout_ltr559 hub75 uasyncio/init usys
breakout_matrix11x7 jpegdec uasyncio/core utime
breakout_mics6814 math uasyncio/event uzlib
breakout_msa301 micropython uasyncio/funcs
breakout_paa5100 motor uasyncio/lock
Plus any modules on the filesystem

I must say Thank you for all your help!

If you have a Pico download and install
If it’s a Pico W its
These are the uf2 files I used with my Display Pack and Display Pack V2.
I got them via the link I posted above. It should be all you need. Happy to help out thanks.