Pico Display Text - No spaces allowed?


I have started playing around with the new Pico Display and I’m using the Pimoroni MicroPython v0.0.7 alpha.
However, I noticed an issue when I try to output text with a space using the pico_display.text() command it wraps or interprets my space as a new line.
So if I use pico_display.text(“one two”,1,1,0,4).
I am expecting to get:
one two
but instead I get:

Just wondering if I am doing something wrong or if anyone else has noticed the same issue?



Example code:

# PicoText.py

# Imports
import picodisplay as display

## Main Program
buf = bytearray(display.get_width() * display.get_height() * 2)
display.set_pen(0, 0, 0)
display.set_pen(255, 0, 0)
display.text("One Two", 50, 50, 0, 3)

The penultimate parameter is a width, beyond which it will wrap. You have 0. Try 100?

Oh my days! How did I miss that.
I assumed I didn’t want anything to wrap so left it at 0.

Thank you.

No, it had me confused too. I looked at the source code to work out what it was supposed to do. That also explained why another part of my code wasn’t working, since the pinout diagram in the docs has the RGB LED on the wrong pins. But, in truth the documentation for the Pico and the pimoroni add-ons is a LOT better than it was when I first started playing with microprocessors!