Pico RGB Keyboard only register 4

Hello, I have followed all the support docs but my RGB base will only type the number 4 and no led? :( Any thoughts?

Did you solder the headers on the PICO?
If yes what is your soldering like?
Any errors showing up in Thonny?

No I bought a pre soldered chip from Pimoroni. Sorry to be such a newbie

That’s fine, its just one of those questions I have to ask. I’ve seen some really bad soldering now and then.
Make sure you have the squishy button part on the right way. The little nubs will only fit into the circuit board one way. Well two ways I guess, if you get it 90 degrees off it won’t sit right.

thanks will take it apart and give it a try

I have three of them sitting in front of me as I type this. One was really wonky until I figured out I had put it together wrong. Don’t over tighten the screws either, the buttons still work but the tactile feel goes away.

thanks for the advice and i think I have cracked it and now can get the keys working. well ZERO is being a bit sticky.

Now trying to learn how to code the device, but that will be another support call me thinks.

Maybe loosen the screws a bit. I have mine so the end of the screw is flush with the top of the nut. If the screws are protruding out of the nut you may have them too tight. I just did mine finger tight.
I have mine working as a USB HID keyboard, in Circuit Python.
Pico RGB Keypad Base support in CircuitPython - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers

I haven’t actually programed it to send “my” key combo’s just yet though.