Pico scroll PIM454 problem with brightness 1

Hi just get a PIM545

Is is fine , but: if set brightness to 1 i got a strange pattern. som leds are off!


import picoscroll as ps
for y in range (0, ps.get_height()):
for x in range (0, ps.get_width()):
ps.set_pixel(x, y, b)

Is “1” the lowest setting before OFF? Does the value rang from 0 to 255?

0 → off
1 → 1/3 leds are still off and 2/3 leds goes on
2-> all the leds goes ON, but the led the was off with brightness=1 are less bright

May be the board have problem…

I’m thinking its just the small differences in the LED’s. You will get issues like this when using the minimum brightness. They don’t all turn on at the exact same voltage level.
That’s just my opinion based on my experience. You can contact Pimoroni Tech support and see what they say?
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Thank you
i will do now