Pico Unicorn LED frequency

If I try to take a photo of the Pico Unicorn (either directly, or using it to illuminate something) I get a load of horizontal lines in the image. I guess this means the LEDs are strobing at a very high frequency, and this is being picked up by the camera (the lines vary as I change the shutter speed).

This is the effect I mean:

If I’m correct about what’s going on, is there any way to fiddle around with the speed at which they strobe, or is it something inherent in the hardware? Or am I just talking nonsense anyway?

From the product page.

The display is updated one row at a time (but very quickly, so you won’t notice!) by selecting one of the SR17 pins which control the row driving FETs.

Column data is fed into shift registers via SIN / SCLK and then LATCH ed to hold during display. BLANK enables the column driving FETs to turn on the LEDs and produce the image.

I would say yes you got it right. =)

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A static image, one that’s not changing or being updated may photograph OK?