PIco w Grow uploading to Adafruit.io issues-Error 422


Trying to upload feeds to adafruit.io with firmware version 0.0.2 works only for Temperature and Pressure. After the first initial Humidity reading,it stops for humidity.
I have updated to 0.0.9 but I get a :

  • upload issue (422 b’Unprocessable Entity’)
    2023-03-21 13:16:54 [error / 105kB] ! failed to upload ‘2023-03-21T13_15_52Z.json’ to adafruit_io

Any idea how to address this ?

Thank you.

I’ve figured it out ( I think ) searching the board. Seems that too much data was trying to upload to a free adafruit.io account. I’ve modified the json file to upload only three feeds (temp,humidity and pressure for now) and it seems that it works.