Pimoroni BME680 not working on Pi 3B+


I purchased the pimoroni PIM375 BME680 fom core-elecctronigs. I soldered on the female dupont connector, and have used dupont leads to connect it to the raspberry pi. I used pins:

pin 17 3.3v
pin 3 GPIO 8
pin 5 GPIO 9
NO wire
pin 25 ground

I am using pin 1, 7, 9 for other sensors.

I installed the support modules as per the curl command on here:

And I tried to run python read-all.py from here:

This script does not see the BME680 on any of the two addresses.

I have checked the wiring many times. I checked the solder and it is good. I rebooted the Pi3B+. I performed the manual, install steps in the link below.
ht tps://learn.pimoroni.com/article/getting-started-with-bme680-breakout

The pi is running the latest Bullsey raspbian, from an SSD plugged into the USB port.

Is there anything I should start with to determine why the BME680 is not being recognised?