Pimoroni PiHub failed?

I’ve had a PiHub for a couple years now, and it’s worked great - until now!

I’m using it with a Pi3 and a USB HDD, with no other hardware, but during the early hours of this morning, I got an alert that my website was down, and when I checked, there was no led’s lit on the pi, and no HDD activity.

I pulled the round power plug from the hub, and measured 5.2V across the centre pin and outer.
I then disconnected cables, and removed the hub case, and with the power plug inserted again, I couldn’t measure any voltage across the power input socket on the reverse of the PCB, except a regular voltage pulse every second or so. Could this be some safety measure shutting down/starting up the power supply??

I’ve just retried the hub again, and now for some unknown reason, it’s back working again!!

I’ve lost a bit of confidence now, as it runs 24/7 and also when we are away from home, so a little apprehensive that the problem should re-occur, or cause other damage.

Any help/advise would be appreciated.


I know on a PC, if they follow the USB standard, on and overcurrent (overload) the port shuts down. 0V. The only way to reset it is to totally remove the power from it (turn it off). I’ve had it happen once. I shut down my PC, unplugged it from the wall, and pressed the power button to drain all power. Then booted back up and its been fine ever since.

I don’t know if the above helps you in your situation, but its something to be aware of and keep in mind. It might not be the HUB, it could have been something plugged into it, like the hard drive failing maybe?