My PiHub is not working


I recently bought a PiHub (over Amazon) and it doesn’t seem to be working properly. Before I try and send it back to Amazon, I thought I’d try and see if the problem didn’t come from me plugging the PiHub poorly.

So after opening the box, I plugged the power on the PiHub and used and USB cable I had laying around to try and power the Pi. I plugged it in the bottom left plug, the one with the Raspberry logo behind it.
Then the Pi doesn’t power on.
I tried to see if my Pi was still working with another power supply, and it did work properly.

I decided to try the PiHub as a USB hub, and wasn’t able to see my external HDD through the PiHub on my computer (it did power up the HDD though).

There’s a photo of how I plugged it :

Is this issue common ?


First up, have you tried the PiHub on another computer to see if the problem is the same?

Could you take a photo of your setup with the hard drive connected, it might help.

It’s not a problem I’ve come across before, but this is actually the first time I’ve even heard of a PiHub problem so I’m probably not the best person to answer… but we can try some things and see how it goes!

this is actually the first time I’ve even heard of a PiHub problem

That would explain why I couldn’t find any topic relating to issues with it online.

Here is a photo of my external HDD plugged into my computer through the PiHub.
The computer doesn’t recognize the HDD at first (I have to go through My Computer > Manage > Disk Manager for it to be shown. It then asks me to initialize the disk, but when I try and do that it says the disk is not ready – even though the disk works properly when plugged directly on my computer)

Hey, I back with some new results. It seems my problem is coming from the power supply of the PiHub.
I made an imgur album that shows what works and what doesn’t. I guess the 2,1 mm jack adapter doesn’t function properly.

I’m going to ask Amazon for a refund, but I don’t know if I’m going to buy another PiHub or not; if the problem comes from the EU adapter that doesn’t work, I may have the same problem with a new product.

That’s a sensible course of action- I’ve not heard of this problem before though so I’m going to guess you got a faulty PiHub or Adaptor and would recommend both are replaced.

It’s possible that we might want to take a look at it to see what the fault is- if that happens to be the case would you be happy to send it back and have us cover postage?

Thanks and I’m really sorry you got a dud!

  • edit, corrected PiBow to PiHub, must have had PiBows on the brain!

Sure, I wouldn’t mind at all. I wonder however how the logistics would go; I know how to return the product to Amazon, but I don’t quite know how to do the same with you.
Let me know if ytou’re still interested, or I will have to send it back to Amazon before early December.