Pimoroni Weather HAT

I have tested two of these and both give incorrect readings for both temperature and humidity. I am using up to six weather stations to compare results. Rain, wind and pressure measurements from the Pimoroni Weather HAT seems ok.

I suspect that the BME280 on the Pimoroni Weather HAT is too close the the Raspberry Pi board or alternatively my enclosure also raises the temperature.

My solution is to forget about the BME280 readings on the Pimoroni Weather HAT and use an independent device that support better thermal isolation. I am using a M5StickC coupled to a Grove BME280 and this provides more accurate and reliable temperature and pressure readings.

I only use the Pimoroni Weather HAT for rain and wind measurements and a node-red flow on the Raspberry Pi provides an integrated report via MQTT.

The other alternative is to attach it to the Pi via a ribbon cable, to keep it further away from the temperature sensor.

Good suggestion. I will try this.