Pirate adio aux: Mopidy crashes often

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago I installed a pi zero w with the pirate audio aux (line-out) board. I installed mopidy according to the tutorial from pimoroni. Additionally the pi runs a pihole dns. Everything works smoothly. But mopidy crashes often. The weird part is that the moment is crashes is always in the middle of a song, not while loading. It is also in moments where the pihole has no incoming trafic (pihole currently has only one device connected).

What can I try to prevent the crashes?

Thanks in advance!

The crash log:

For everyone finding this in the future. I fixed it with some bandaid. In other words; it still crashes but it automatically restarts itself. So your music will stop, but you don’t have to ssh into the pi (or via desktop) and restart mopidy manually.


Open the Mopidy service file with:

sudo nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/mopidy.service

Add below “Service”:


Save and exit. That’s it (or at least all I did).