Pirate Audio: mopidy 3.0 release caused problem

Mopidy 3.0 has released recently (December 22, 2019: https://mopidy.com/blog/2019/12/22/mopidy-3.0/).
So I could not run normally Pirate Audio with the current software and installer.

I uninstalled mopidy 3.0 and mopidy-spotify, and then installed mopidy=2.3.1-1 and mopidy-spotify.
Then finally I have been able to run Pirate Audio normally.

Do you have any plan of Pirate Audio for adjusting to mopidy 3.0?

@zorg7 After a bit of a rough time waiting for all of the various plugins to get up to speed with Python 3, we think we’ve got the installer all patched up and working well again. We’re glad you got it working though.