Pirate Audio "Off Switch"

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This is probably really dumb question. But is there a way to “shutdown” the Pi from iris? I don’t see a “shutdown” button anywhere. Is my only option to telnet or vnc in?


Maybe not the answer you were looking for but you could add a physical shutdown button to the Pi. It can be shutdown via a GPIO pin. A proper shutdown, same as doing if from Raspbian.
If your interested I can post more info.

That sounds like a plan! Sure, by all means. :-)

And Thanks!

If you edit the config.txt file and add the following line
dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown < This will work with the Pirate Adio as it doesn’t use i2c.
Grounding GPIO 3 physical pin 5 will have Raspbian do a proper shutdown.
And if you leave the Pi powered up, grounding that pin again will have it boot up again.
The shutdown part will stop “if” i2c is enabled, and you use the “default” GPIO 3.
You can switch it to use another pin though, I use the following with my Fan Shim.
The Fan Shim Button grounds GPIO 3 and GPIO 17 when pressed.
The type of button or switch you want to use is a normally open momentary contact switch. The two contacts are shorted together when the button is pressed and an open circuit when released. Like the mini arcade buttons.

One way to get access to the GPIO Pins is to put a Proto Zero with a satcking header between the Pi and Pirate Audio pHat.

I did this on my older Pirate Radio that uses the pHat Beat. It let me wire up mini arcade buttons and use those instead or the mini ones on the phat Beat. My build pictures are here if you want a look.

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Thanks, I’ll give this a try. :-)

Nice build BTW and excellent pictures. So what’s your favorite genre?


Classic Rock =)…

Good stuff!

I think I lean a little more towards Prog Rock.

A latching switch isn’t a good idea if your going to use the shutdown dtoverlay.
The Pi will shutdown and then just boot right back up again.