110% beginner Pi internet radio question!

Hi! Just assembled and using the excellent Pirate Radio kit (Led Zep, tune!) Just a thought though - when I’m finished listening, is it OK to switch off the whole thing at the mains or should I just turn the PhatBeats part off and leave the Pi W always on? Am I going to crash the SD card by switching the Pi on and off all the time? Cheers!

I press the Power Button on the pHat Beat, which does the same as shutting down from Raspbian. Then I unplug the power pack. Just unplugging the power supply is not good practice. You do run the risk of corrupting your SD card doing that.

Once my latest Pimoroni order arrives I will be wiring up some Arcade buttons to duplicate what the buttons on the pHat beat do. And I will wire one button up to the RUN terminals of the Pi. I can then do the shutdown with the pHat Beat power button and leave my power pack plugged in. When I want to start it up again I’ll just press the RUN button.

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