Pirate Audio + Pi Zero + Mopidy + Alsa Equalizer = works! Now need to install in my Wrangler

This is going to be a nice streaming device to use in my Wranger! Right now I am using it while work connected to a JBL Extreme 2. When you install the Alsa Equalizer and configure it to your liking the HifiBerry DAC sounds great.

I plan on using the 12v outlet on the dash not only to power the Pirate Audio board, but to also mount it. I take the Wrangler on trails so I will have some foam stuck behind the Pirate Audio to ensure s snug fit. I have the Alpine Sound system in my Wrangler with the stock head unit… no GPS… it’s old school. I was going to go line out to a bluetooth transmitter module, but why bother ?
Line in sounds better anyway. My youngest son set me up with a Spotify Friends account…
Has anyone printed a case for the Pirate Audio that will look great in a vehicle ? Maybe it will be naked… not sure yet.

BTW… the line out volume needs to be this low when you crank up the Volume on the JBL Extreme… probably the same as in my Wrangler. You don’t want lineout volume to be too high or it’s going to clip. At this setting with the JBL at 50% volume it’s rockin!

I set exactly the same thing up last week, but with speakers instead of line out.
I had been using Volumio but there was no real bass through my speakers. I tried some Volumio equaliser plugin that killed all sound. I tried Moode but it crackled like mad so I went back to Mopidy and alsa equalizer and it all sounds great now.
I did have to drag all the sliders in aeq down to control the volume, otherwise I had 4 volume settings in mopidy (off, little too quiet, little too loud, too loud)
Mine will be staying in the home office.