Pirate Audio Schematic

PirateAudio Line Out Board Need part information. I mistakenly powered up with a GPIO ribbon cable on backwards and fried a capacitor. Circled in Pic attached. Is there a schematic available?

I don’t think that’s a capacitor? It has 3 contacts, likely a transistor, or maybe a voltage regulator. And IMHO, there is a good chance that’s not the only thing fried. I can’t fault you for wanting to try and fix it though. Have you worked with, on SMT stuff in the past?

Thanks, you are correct. Makes sense that it would be a voltage regulator. I have worked with SMT components in the past. Maybe a chance to sharpen my skills if I can identify the part.

Ok, have at it =) Might be tough getting a schematic though? I’ve only ever seen one or two linked too from the product pages.

Thanks, hoping someone can at least tell me what the part no. or specs of the VR is so I can source it.

Can anyone at Pimoroni help?

Hello? Bump? Hello? Bump?

You don’t find many of the Pimoroni crew round here these days, I suggest you contact support (https://shop.pimoroni.com/pages/contact-us) and include a link to this thread.