Pirate Audio with Pibow Zero Case?


I wondering if the Pirate Audio: Headphone Amp for Raspberry Pi is compatible with the Pibow Zero W case or the Pibow Zero Case for Raspberry Pi Zero version 1.3 if I’ll use the booster header?

Thank you very much.

I would think it “should” be doable with the booster header. Definitely won’t work without it. It would just be the headphone jack that may touch and be a tight fit. I don’t own one so I can’t say 100% it will work. That wouldn’t stop me from trying though, as I have a dremel tool and could make it fit if need be. ;)

Thank you! dremel is a good idea!


I’ve tested the Pirate Audio: Headphone Amp for Raspberry Pi with the Pibow Zero Case.

Here you can see images of the combination with booster:

And here without booster:

Even the Pirate audio fits not completely on the head. I like the version without booster much more because its more compact and solid.

I thinking about 2 bolts as spacer on the bottom side between the raspberry pi and the pirate audio and mount them thought the 4 holes to fix everything very tight.

The booster version is too shaky.

No booster header would be how I would go too. The full sized Pibows will let you use standoffs. The Zero Pibow won’t though. The cutout isn’t big enough. Screws only.
Those 3M double sided sticky pads may work though? Non conductive as far as I know.
I have a bunch of longish 2.5M screws I scavenged from a dead laptop. They come in handy for situations like this. Slowly running out of them though.