RPI TV Tuner uHAT and cases

Are there any cases that accommodate the new TV Tuner uHAT from Raspberry Pi?

If not … how about selling some spacer layers with cut-out for aerial and longer bolts?

What Pi do you have it attached too?
If you use a booster header with it, https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/booster-header it will likely work with some of the PIBOW cases. The low profile coupe for example. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pibow-coupe-for-raspberry-pi-3-b-plus?variant=2601078325258
Then use the long extender bolts and a Pibow layer maybe as a cover.
Something like this. You may need two bolt packs to get enough nuts to hold everything in place. If its a Pi Zero use the pHat difusser as the cover. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/phat-diffuser

The other option is to get one of the tall PIBOW cases, and or height extension and cut the layers with a Dremel. I’ve gone that route a few times.

I’m using it in a Pibow Coupe case. They included the spacer and bolts with the TV Hat when I bought it, The case doesn’t enclose the TV Hat so you don’t need a hole for the aerial cable.

Thats the case in my picture above. A Pibow Difusser mounted with the long Pibow bolts is one option. Like in the picture. Its not ideal but it would cover things up a somewhat and offer a bit of protection to the Tv Tuner uHat. One issue with the above is you need 12 of those white nuts. If you don’t want things flopping around. I reused the 4 originals that came with case, and the 4 that came with the long bolt pack. Then had to scrounge up 4 more. Luckily I had some extras kicking around from other Pibow cases I had bought. You often get 5 nuts with the kit / case. I had just enough. If you mount the difusser right down on top of the Ethernet and USB hub you may be able to get away with only needing 8 nuts.