Pirate radio: sound severely clipping



My pirate radio can play, via vlc, all fine. Except that audio is too loud, well not too loud but it sounds as if the volume is at max; clipping.
How can I resolve that?
I already lowered the volume using alsamixer to 25%, helped only a bit.


Sounds like the volume might be too high in VLC, are you running the Pirate Radio / VLC Radio software? Does pressing the volume down button several times help?


I did that as well, the volume gets lower but still is distorted as if it is very high.


You need this software http://get.pimoroni.com/pirateradio-v20171113.zip . Format sd-card (sdformatter) than save zip-file too sd-card. Edit wpa_supplicant.conf for wifi and playlist.m3u for stations, files are in the root. SSH is on. hostname=piratepython password=p1r4t3 Greats from Bas.


@basvb I have already installed that software!


I believe this is the solution to distorted audio:

I will apply this fix to the Pirate Radio software too.