Loud click when chancing channels on the Pirate Radio

Is it possible to minimize the loud click when changing channels on the Pirate Radio? Using the original speaker it’s not a big issue but I’m using it in a vintage radio with a full range speaker.

The click is of course very vintage but perhaps there is a simple solution.

Your Phat Beat sounds superb, by the way!

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Have a look see here, Pirate Radio and loud click when change station on the VLC

No, that didn’t work.
I’ve followed the instructions of the link but now I have TWO clicks and very choppy audio :(

In the client.conf I only changed these rules by removing the ; resulting in

autospawn = no
default-server = unix:/tmp/pulseaudio.socket

The other ; I didn’t change.

I haven’t tried any of it, yet. It’s on my to do list but the click hasn’t bothered me enough to have a go at messing with it. My pirate radio is in my own custom case. I’ll have to take it out, hook it up to my TV etc. Just been to lazy and other stuff on the go. Post in that other thread, if you haven’t already, and gadgetoid should be able to help you at least get back to what you had. Are you running Jessie or Stretch? I’m still on Jessie and have no plans to move to Stretch on that Pi.

Thanks for your time.

It is easy to return to the original software. I’m running under Jessie. And like I early said, it’s not a big issue. The Pirate radio is a nice piece of work!

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Yes, really nice bit of kit, especially at that price. I’ve had a lot of fun with mine. gadgetiod helped me get an IR remote working with mine.

So far I’ve only run Stretch on one of my Pi’s. Most of my setups run headless so I’m just leaving those as is. No advantage to doing them all over gain.

I have plans to buy at least one of these USB Console adapters https://www.adafruit.com/product/3589 For use on my headless setups like the pirate radio. Want to see if it will make it easier to do things like fixing the loud click issue etc without having to hook up a monitor keyboard etc. I have a couple of headless setups that don’t have WIFI or any Internet connection. Pi A+'s with minimal hardware attached. So, no easy way to remote in via Putty etc.

Using the same software of the Pirate Radio with a Phat Dac, it works fine without a click!.

So the problem can be addressed to the amplifier part of the Pirate Radio.