Pirate Radio, VU Meter and button issues

I setup my my Pirate Radio kit to play over AirPlay following this guide: https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/streaming-airplay-to-your-pi

It completes without any noticed errors. The audio streaming over AirPlay works great!


Only the bottom green VU Meter LEDs light, no matter how much I crank up the audio. They do kind of pulse a bit, but the other LEDs don’t light.

The buttons don’t seem to do anything. I get that play/pause etc. wouldn’t work but I would think the volume up and down buttons would do something?

Oddly, I noticed that the VU meter seems to work much better if I am AirPlaying from my iPhone 7 vs. my iMac.

But the buttons still don’t do anything.

Yep. All controls are done from the streaming device. I’m sure that things could technically be done from the receiving device (I think the Apple TV does?), but it’s not a massive inconvenience to me. Worth looking into whether the newer versions of shairport-sync can do this.