PiTFT Plus 480x320 3.5" TFT+Touchscreen - Not working

I purchased recently this Adafruit PiTFT 3.5" Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi.
I just following the easy-install instructions by lady ada.
First I installed the latest version of Raspbian on my SD card.
Since the thing was not working I tried with, following the indications, the version of Rasbian of 13 March 2018. Considered more suitable.
The whole thing is loaded from terminal but at the end there is this warning:
[PITFT] Checking init system…
Found systemd
/boot is mounted
[PITFT] System update
Updating apt indexes…

Reading package lists…

[PITFT] Installing Python libraries & Software…
Installing Pre-requisite Software…This may take a few minutes!
E: dpkg è stato interrotto. È necessario eseguire “sudo dpkg --configure -a” per correggere il problema.
WARNING : Apt failed to install software!
Can you give me a hand?
Thank you in advance.

hello. i had one a few years ago ,and followed adarfuits install instruction here , I SSH into to Pi and just copied pasted to command line as instructed ,hope this helps

I just followed, to the letter, lady ada’s instructions to the link indicated.
More than that, what do I have to do?

not sure ,its been a few yrs since i broke the screen .and im really only a novice Pi user ,not sure where to go with the issue ,sorry

after a few unsuccessful attempts I found that this tft 3.5 works only with kali os.
So now I’ve installed kali and the whole thing works.
I read, in dedicated forums, that many have had problems and still have them with this tft.
Thank you for your attention