Plasma2040 + 5m Flexible Addressable RGB LED Wire issues

I’ve just received from Pimoroni, the Plasma2040 along with 2 lots of the 5m addressable RGB led strip. I’ve knocked up a bit of noddy micropython bit of code to sequentially turn on the ‘pixels’ on a keypress. After 11 (or so) of the pixels are turned on, the rest all suddenly turn on and I can’t seem to control them again until I power cycle the Plasma2040.

  • Note that resetting that device doesn’t recover control of the LEDs, I have to do a power cycle.

I’m using pimoroni-pico-v1.21.0-micropython.uf2 with a 3A PI powersupply and both of the LED strips are showing the same behaviour.

I’ve just brought it into work and found a strip of RGB leds which I’ve connected to my Plasma2040 running the exact same bit of code and they work:

Anybody any ideas as given this is using the example software provided is strongly suggesting some HW timing issue/failure with the LED wires.