Player X USB Games Controller

Hi, I’m trying to find some documentation for the Player X USB games controller PCB from Pimoroni. I can’t find anything online, and hardly any videos or images of anyone really using it for reference.

My specific query is how to wire in the buttons. Does anyone know which way is correct? The only images I’ve seen have the switch wired like the lower diagram, however that doesn’t seem to match up with the PCB markings, so I’m thinking is the upper image actually correct?


Also can someone can confirm that the USB powers this device, i.e. I don’t need a separate 5V input to power it?

One wire from the button goes to the numbered terminal. Doesn’t matter which side its plugged into, its just one contact point. The other wire goes to Ground. The far left contact under Joystick. All the buttons will have a common ground wired up to one of their terminals, and the other terminal to the button header on the Player X.
Pressing the button grounds that input.

Yes, its powered via the USB port. It shows up as a USB HID device.

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Perfect answer! Thanks very much. Yes that makes sense.