Extra Controls?

I’ve looked around to no avail.

What is the best way to add more controls to the Picade?
Stock, there’s 10 buttons and 1 joystick.
What If I want to add a trackball/more buttons/player 2 controls?

What’s the best way to do this?


This “maybe”

and this

Just throwing it out there for you to look into. Swap out the Picade X Hat for the player X. Then plug it into your current Picade. You end up with an extra unused Picade X but you gain a second set of buttons and joystick and a premade case for it all. Assuming you can configure it all in your current Picade. It will show up as a USB controller etc.

Awesome, that Player X looks like exactly what I need.

If you want to play it safe just buy the Player X and maybe one button for testing to see see if its usable with your current Picade setup. If its usable then buy your arcade buttons and joystick etc. You’ll end up paying extra shipping if it works, but that’s better than a big investment and it not working out. Just a thought.
I don’t own a Picade so I have no way of knowing if it will work or not. It should, but I can’t guarantee it.

Proof of concept - great Idea.