PMS5003 sudden value drops

I have an Enviro+ with PMS5003 hooked up to prometheus and grafana.
The sensor is located indoors in a small room.
But the readings from the PMS5003 look…surprising.
I understand sudden peaks, e.g. when some smoke from the building heating hits the ventilation intake.
But I don’t understand the sudden drops in PM values, as visualized here:

Is my sensor broken?

I don’t have a PMS5003 but I do have a BME280 running Enviro code. I have seen spikes / drops in the temp and humidity when I turn my ceiling fan on and off. Humidity especially, even just breathing in its general direction causes big swings.
If you have forced air heating, or central air it could mess things up.

I fully agree that changes in the environment can cause sudden spikes in PM.
But here I’m talking about sudden drops in PM - how can this be caused by, e.g. heating turning on?
Also, no I don’t have forced air heating. It’s floor heating.

OK its not anything I.mentioned. I don’t have anything else to offer.