Powering Picade X with battery pack

I’ve been having challenges with using battery packs to power the Picade. It needs 5V 3A, but none of the 3 battery packs I’ve tried output 3A over USB A, leading to the lightning bolt. But it powers up.

When I connect USB C to USB C, I get no power. It’s like the battery doesn’t recognize that the Picade is connected.

I’ve tried different USB C cables and batteries, with no luck. Has anyone solved this?

I’m using the PiCade X, with a Pi 3B, and the 10" PiCade.

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Big fan of this product for powering even the Pi 4, does the job and great price. Haven’t tried it with the Picade X HAT but should work great. And having the power meter be a paw print is interesting.