Powering RP2040 stamp + other queries

Let me start of by explaining why I am asking. I have recently discovered that the stamp exists and i think its perfect for a current project I am working on. The built in charging circuit is huge thing so I am planning on picking one up. I want to power it using a lipo battery but also charge it as well. My question are:

If I connect my lipo terminals to VBAT and GND. But want to charge using an external usb C breakout. How do I go about wiring this connector? Does the positive of the usb c go to 5V and the GND to the same GND the battery is on? Additionally will it automatically switch power distribution?

If I want to code it, can I use micro python? I am assuming you can but website claims it comes with circuit python which I am not a fan of. On top of this, in order to code it do I need to connect it to a stamp carrier?