Printing the the custom artwork template

I’ve designed my own Picade artwork and used an online printing service to print it at A3 size. It came today looking a bit miniature :D The 8 inch screen measures at just under 6 x 4 inches. This isn’t right is it?

Can anyone give me some pointers please?

I’m unsure whether the online service is at fault ( or my import/export in Photoshop.

The template is based on A3 Plus size (13" x 19")

Ah so, A3 plus didn’t mean A3 and above? 😀

I went back to the online service I used just to test and I found that using a bigger size like A2 for example just stretched the image out to fit paper. There were no options to prevent this. Is there some measurement options I need to consider when exporting/saving my design in Photoshop?

I took the a3+ image opened it cut part that would fit on a3 and then created new image a3 in size and pasted it in, then repeated for rest. Emailed to printers and it printed fine. Basically cut and paste into new image with correct target size you want to print to.

So which parts fit on to a3? Are there rulers that could help in PS?

Never mind, I think I get it. Thanks for your help.