Printing variable

I’m having trouble printing a numeric variable, I’ve tried this method:

float score = 64;

text(score, 10, 10);

I tried using the str(n) as well but no luck there.

Need more info?
On a Pi or a PICO or other device?
From Python, Micro Python etc?
Posting the full code your using would help a lot.

Sorry, Picosystem, C++

I was able to use str(n) with text in the PicoSystem project I’m working on; if I pull that code out into the hello world example, it looks like so:

uint8_t world_x = 0;
uint8_t world_y = 5;

void draw(uint32_t tick) {
  pen(0, 0, 0);

  pen(15, 15, 15);
  text(str((float)world_x, 0),  96, 112);
  text(",",                    104, 112);
  text(str((float)world_y, 0), 112, 112);

And displays 0, 5 in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Are you having trouble at the compilation stage or in what’s being displayed on screen?

Thanks, I’ll try this ASAP. I was having trouble with the Syntax.

The decimal places says optional in the docs - so I didn’t think I needed it.

Man, I’m glad you’re here, support is nonexistent! :)

Glad to share what I’ve learned along the way :)