Problem installing envirophat python libraries

Hi -

I recently bought an EnviroPHAT but can’t get the libraries to install. While running the install script, I consistently get the error:

Installing python-envirophat…
Apt failed to install python-envirophat!
Falling back on pypi…

Installing python3-envirophat…
Apt failed to install python3-envirophat!
Falling back on pypi…

The rest of the install goes fine.

This is on a Pi B+ running Wheezy, updated and upgraded.

Any thoughts?


The deb packages which we install by default are not available on Wheezy, only Jessie. The pypi packages are not really any different, and should serve you fine.

To clarify, the fall back on pypi on Wheezy is intended, but does not seem to work currently… we’re looking into it. In the meantime you should run:

sudo pip install envirophat


sudo pip3 install envirophat

Great, thanks! You’re totally right: I did try it on a Pi 2 running Jessie, and it works fine.